The Angels took the double for 2017

In the last weekend of September the tournament for the “Cup of Bulgaria” took place at Dupnitsa’s stadium “Levski”. The teams of “Akademiks”, “Athletic”, “Angels”, Girls under 20 and “Lions – NSA” took part in it, and special guests were our neighbors from Serbia – “Wildcats”. The first day of the championship began with a tough match between “Angels” and “Athletic”, which went beyond the 1 hour and 45 minute time limit and ended in the 8th inning with a definite victory for the “Angels”. In the next game the „Akademiks“ stood against “Lions – NSA” and finished the match with a convincing victory with 12:2 in the 4th inning. The next games between Angels and the girls, and “Wildcats” –  “Lions –NSA”, ended with a win for Angels with 9:3 and a victory for Wildcats with 17:4.

In the last game of the day, the Akademiks had their chances against the Wildcats, but the lack of main players hindered them to win the game, which ended 10:5 for the Wildcats.

Sunday’s games began with the match between “Athletic” and the girls, and shortly thereafter “Athletic” stood up against the first of the other group – “Wildcats”. The Serbs managed to defeat their Bulgarian opponents with 10:2, which saved them a place on the final.

In the other semifinal the Angels took a difficult win over the Akademiks with the minimal 8:7.

The final game between “Angels” and “Wildcats”ended with 14:1, after the regular 7 innings the „Аngels“ overcame their Serbian rival and took the Cup of Bulgaria, recording a double victory for 2017.


Final Ranking for “Cup of Bulgaria”:

  1. “Angels”
  2. “Wildcats” – Serbia
  3. „Akademiks“
  4. “Athletic”
  5. “Lions – NSA”
  6. Girls – mixed

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